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Black Alligator Pattern Split Leather Tote Bag



We have a thing for handbags... actually a thing for all kinds of bags!

But we're not all high end fashion freaks. It's confirmed - we're like most women (and men) we like style and we like it to be affordable.  Brand names, not so much. (For those trying to get your friends to like you because you carry a bag with a "certain name" I don't think we're for you.) We brought it down and few notches to focus on finding great bags to fit your style, your budget, your mood or any other reason you need to feed your bag fetish. Bags are our chocolate...  

Lori Moore - CEO of Lindsi Alexander Bags

Parent company: Lanniere, Inc.
Based in Laguna Beach, California


We started off as

bag snobs, but that all changed

When we realized that we weren't snobs at all...  we're just gals who like bags.  That doesn't make us "snobs".  You know you've seen the type they spend a month's salary on a bag (one freakin' bag) and then they only eat ramen noodles in the closet for weeks.

Just kidding, we love you all!  We are so glad you're here and we appreciate that you have taken the time to hang out with us on our site!  We're always here... obsessing over which bag to add next!

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